Tim Minchin’s “Storm”.

For the first time I post something that is not my own, mostly because it articulates my position as regards to fairytales in a fashion far more clever and witty than I can.  Also, I quite like the style of the animation. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Tim Minchin’s “Storm”.

  1. Excuse me, but,
    Why could not science be the means to God’s end?

    • Thanks again for another comment.

      Aside from the odd construction of the question, that premise is advocated by many religions, such as the Catholic Church. But that isn’t really the point; that premise is flawed. Science doesn’t make gods not exist, there weren’t any to begin with. Theists and non-theists can both use science as it is a tool (and we could argue all day over who is using that tool correctly). Science adds weight, and (the lack of) evidence, to why I, and many others, do not believe is supernatural forces, but it is not itself the reason.

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