We Interrupt this Broadcast for a Very Important Message

This man is not wrong, listen to him.

Ignorance is our greatest enemy, and trolls are among its footsoldiers. While they have many targets, women seem to have earned some special place in their warped little minds. The manner in which women are portrayed in games, comics, movies… well, all media, is very skewed, often to the point of perversity; is it any wonder trolls exist given the continued objectification of women in the media, and the anonymous license of the Internet? It is a sorry states of affairs (in more ways than one) when “dudes need to tell other dudes to stop making asses of themselves on the internet”.

Check out Feminist Frequency (which I have only recently discovered, and is mentioned in the above video), Skepchick, Greta Christina’s Blog and Escher Girls for a good start.

4 responses to “We Interrupt this Broadcast for a Very Important Message

  1. I wobbled over here seeking some information on Celtic etymology and oh my wordy wordyson found all sorts of interesting things, including this. Capital stuff! I hope a very excellent cup of tea is in your imminent future, and thank you ^^ for this.

  2. Ah, yessss, that. I was curious how the Celts may have referred to themselves, what name/s they used (as a people), before they settled down to making batik cushions and haunting elevator music.
    However – thanks to you I learn they probably had several fwajillion names, none of them were ‘Celt’, they weren’t even a ‘them’, the ‘them’ didn’t even really exist, and this is probably the Matrix and our lovely tea is mere illusion.
    What dearly-held cultural belief will be upturned next: that the Ancient Rites of Pagan Car Parking at Stonehenge don’t go back 5000 years..?

    • ‘The Ancient Rites of Pagan Car Parking at Stonehenge”, ha!, very good! If it has anything to do with the modern druids at Stonehenge, it only goes back the the 18th century…

      As for what the Celts called themselves… As you say, they probably didn’t have a ‘them’ to call. But local tribal names of the various Gallic tribes (who would have been ‘Celtic’ in terms of material culture and language family) are probably accurate; there is a list of the tribes from Classical sources at the end of of this article from Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_peoples_of_Gaul#List_of_peoples_of_Gaul . As for what the tribal names mean, I don’t actually know (unless they are hidden away somewhere in Wikipedia).

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